June in National Dairy Month!  In celebration, we are going to take you to some of our favorite spots in the county.

Door County Ice Cream Factory is located in Sister Bay.  Their main building is on the north end of town.  They also have a small scoop shop right in downtown Sister Bay.  They are one of favorites in the area because their ice cream is made on-site.  If you’re lucky enough to stop in at the right time, you might even witness on of their 30 flavors being made yourself.

Another fan favorite is Wilson’s, in the heart of Ephraim.  Their old fashioned setting draws many in, but the quality of their food, ice cream and service keep people going back.  Be sure to stop in and get a cone with a choice of 22 different flavors.  Be sure to eat it all right to the bottom of the cone.  They have a special little surprise at the bottom!

Malibu Moo’s is a fun stop in Fish Creek, tucked away by the marina.  They have 21 flavors of frozen custard, with 32 mix-in options.  The combinations are endless!  Pick your flavor and your mix-ins and watch them fold your custom flavor together on the frozen stone griddle.

And last, but not least, Grumpy’s!  Don’t be fooled by their name!  This ice cream shop is no place to be grumpy with their 12 choices of ice cream, plus all the other amazing popcorn and candy they have.  If you’re heading to Egg Harbor, be sure to stop in for a sweet treat!

And now for the good stuff!  Cheese!  You know you’re from Wisconsin when you get excited about cheese factories!

Newest to the area is Door Artisan Cheese Company.  Located in Egg Harbor, you can find both traditional cheese and original-recipes.  If you stop in during the morning hours, you can watch them make the cheese through a large viewing window.  You might even be able to ask the cheese-makers questions!

Next up, Door County Creamery.  The Creamery is located in downtown Sister Bay.  They also run a goat dairy farm.  They offer an amazing selection of goat cheese and gelato made with goat milk!  If you interested in how they make it, head to their farm with the provided transportation to learn all about it!

The oldest cheese factory is Renards Cheese.  Established in 1961, they are now located in two locations, Sturgeon Bay and just outside of Door County, in Algoma.  At Renards you can find an endless selection of cheese and many other snacks too!  You have to try their cheese curds! If you never have had a fresh cheese curd, be warned, they squeak!  Yes, they squeak!  Don’t let this scare you off, it’s half the fun of eating a fresh curd!  Even if they curds are a couple days old, you can pop them in the microwave for a couple seconds and they will squeak again.  How fun!

Be sure to stop for some dairy treats, and let us know where your favorite spots are!